Wednesday, July 4, 2007

It's July 4.

Nothing like starting a new project on a holiday. Friends and family are arriving for the BBQ in a few hours (hopefully before the rain), and what am I doing? Creating a blog. Yep, that's right, I am an expert at procrastination. But, it makes sense that I post my first set of thoughts on a day that is supposed to symbolize some good stuff. Instead we have:

A POTUS who commutes the sentence of one of his lackeys. The same POTUS who refused, as governor of TX, to release an inmate who had been exonerated by DNA. Yeah, there's equal representation under the law.It's simply"more equal for some than others.

A SCOTUS who in their latest decision has essentially enabled de jure segregation to rear its ugly head again. Because, apparently being race conscious is being racist. Oh, and this latest decision, just like NCLB, is in the spirit of extending the Brown Decision. Right.

Done for now. It's time to prepare for fun for later on this afternoon.

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Rich.Wolfson said...

You are in the minor leagues of procrastination. I am the commissioner.

As for the morons in Washington. I am fed up with all all of them. No one, Republican, Democrat or Independent, has the insight to see that there is a large voting block that is committed to social justice and a world without elitism or racism. They simply don't get it but the POTUS is simply in an alternate universe and it will take years (many years) to undo the damage he has caused.