Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Life with Dogs

This post has nothing to do with education. It's more about the joys of life.

I arrived home today after 6.5 hours at the university to discover that Kehli (pictured here) had a bit of separation anxiety while I was gone. I should add that she is only four months old, so it's not surprising that she gets a little wacky. But, she's 31 pounds, and getting pretty big.

As, I was saying, I returned home to discover that Kehli chewed up the pile of catalogs on the coffee table. She didn't chew any bills, journals, or work-related papers (as far as I could tell), but she SHREDDED everything else. If I had thought about it I would have taken a picture. Now that I've cleaned up and gone for a run (both with and without dogs), I can laugh. Sort of.


FutureMathTeacher said...

My lovely little fox terrier has a bad case of separation anxiety, but she usually doesn't do any damage. We had a neighbor take care of her a couple weeks ago while on vacation, and she proved us wrong. She peed my bed and scratched a nice hole in my door! Of all the rooms to choose from! :(

Math Goddess said...
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Soon to be History Teacher said...

Silly dogs, get them a bunch of toys or pen them up in the biggest room in your house and make sure they can't eat anything. Plus if they animals are all together they have something else to keep them company.

At least you didn't leave for a few hours, and come back and your entire couch is gone, yes entire couch chewed and destroyed.