Wednesday, September 5, 2007

T minus 12 hours

In less than 12 hours, I will meet my first group of students for the semester. The butterflies are there; as usual I don't feel prepared. I'll probably be feeling this way 50 years from now (assuming I'm still breathing). Like most teachers, there are the usual questions that run through my head:

Will they like me (not really crucial, I'll settle for respect and positive regard)?
Will they come back (My syllabus is notorious for bringing about some student attrition)?
Will they get my sense of humor (If they do, class is great fun. If they don't, the crickets are really loud)?
Will I get them to love the subject matter?
Will my breath smell?
Will I make some horrible gaff (like tuck my skirt into my underwear--joke. See sense of humor question above)?
Will the technology work (always a crap shoot, which is why I have a back-up plan)?

Don't let anybody fool you that teaching is boring. If my nerves are any indication, it's like the Indy 500, only you have to race around students rather than cars. Oh, and the crashes are not nearly as heart-stopping.


Laura Williams said...

Hey, just saw your post on my site (alifeinscribbles) and came to check out your site. Hope your first day of classes went well. My mom teaches junior high, and she's already got some interesting stories to tell me after just a week of school.

I'd love to do a comic for you, did you have any requests? Did you want me to send you the comic, or post it on my blog? You can contact me via e-mail if you like -


Laura Williams said...

Hello, I'm visiting after discovering your comment on my blog (alifeinscribbles).
Hope your first day of classes went well. My mom's a junior high teacher and she already has some interesting stories after only a week's worth of classes.

If you're still interested in a comic strip for your blog, feel free to e-mail me with a request (